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Non Contact measurement Systems

ELOVIS is all about accurate and non-contact measurement of geometrical and dynamic measurands. ELOVIS gauges are integrated into the manufacturing process and are designed for harsh industrial environments. Gauges for non-contact measurement of length, speed and part length as well as gauges for contact free width measurement are the main product focus. Additionally ELOVIS is a sought-after partner for measurement services and for consulting in the field of measurement technologies since 25 years. System rental, system sales and the development of customized sensor technology complete the ELOVIS offer


With a typical measurement accuracy of ± 0,05% and equipped with a quadrature output, the µSPEED Laser-Encoder is the perfectly suited gauge to replace tactile speedometers/rotary encoders or to replace length and speed measurement via machine drives. The non-contact µSPEED laser encoder length measurement and speed measurement systems operate contact-free and because of that without slippage, are maintenance-free and permanently calibrated, while being almost material-independent.

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μMETER-SLM product series is used for the non-contact final measurement of discrete parts lengths in the production process, while transporting the discrete parts in longitudinal direction. The highly accurate measurement of the optical light scanner generally serves the production optimization, the good/bad sorting as well as the documentation of the delivery condition of discrete parts. The SLM product series is based on a worldwide unique LED length-section light scanner measurement technology called Optical Micrometer/Measuring Light Scanner. SLM systems are maintenance-free, permanently calibrated and measure largely independent of material. SLM systems are used for the highly accurate, non-contact length measurement of profiles, tubes, plates, beams, bolts, struts, hubs made out of a wide variety of materials.

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Optical Micrometer for determining edge distances cross to the transport direction The width height diameter measurement systems μMETER-X of ELOVIS are used for non-contact cross-section measurement of profiles, strip goods and discrete parts in the production process, during conveying movement in the longitudinal direction.  


TEDIASENS systems provide a WLAN-based live measurement data transmission via wireless access point to a PC. If several TEDIASENS radio nodes are in use at the same time, they can be operated as a wireless sensor network with high bandwidth and synchronicity of the data recording. Thanks to synchronous data recording, TEDIASENS is virtually a cable replacement. The systems are used in portable service applications such as machine diagnostics as well as field and object measurements. TEDIASENS is designed to meet the high demands of vibration measurement and acceleration measurement with industrial accelerometers. Speed, displacement, pressure, flow sensors or rotary encoder sensors and light barriers can also be transmitted synchronously by TEDIASENS. The power supply of the sensor nodes takes place via an integrated battery. This is industry 4.0 to go

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