Protechna Herbst GmbH & Co.KG

Opto-electronic thread control systems for the textile industry

PROTECHNA, established in 1956 and since 2011 part of the Belgian VANDEWIELE group is the market leader for opto-electronic thread control systems for the textile industry

The cooperation with both the design and the development departments of the leading textile machine manufacturers is the basis for our equipment of tomorrow.Protechna has a strong development division that in addition to the topical new and further developments has always an open ear for our customer wishes

Protechna’s product line covers:

– Thread Break Detector for Tricot, Raschel Machines and Weaving machines , by using the most up to date laser technology for the light barriers and an evaluation incorporating the most recent digital signal processing for the control unit.

 Laserstop 4180 brochure

Laserstop Loom 4082 brochure

– Contact Free Fabric Surveillance for Warp Knitting Machines

Procam 5310 brochure

Arraycam 5203 brochure

 Scanner 5390 brochure

– Digital Thread Counter with Thread Position Display, The digital thread counter CAMSCAN 5203 for warping, beaming, sizing, draw warping and similar machinery is a monitoring system to control the yarn sheet for missing threads or an incorrect number of threads.

Camscan 5203 brochure

– Yarn Inspector – the Standard in Quality and Value The yarn inspectors are used to detect yarn faults during the warping process

Warpstop serie 3000 brochure

Cogastop Weft 3100 brochure

Cogastop Creel 3200 brochure

– Monitoring the Thread Tension, the thread tension monitoring device controls continuously and automatically the thread tension of each individual thread of a yarn sheet

Tensoscan 5373 brochure

– The needle sensor monitors contact-free the needle hooks on single, fine rib, jacquard and interlock circular knitting machines.

Sensor Digital 4022 brochure

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